09. 2017-June-15

So today I had intended to get two things done: 

  1. Work on my proposal
  2. Finish some prototyping

Well, I deleted about half a page of out of date material from my introduction, to match up with my feedback from Gavin, but that was about it.

Following that, I spent the rest of the day (about six hours) putting together a new copy of a prototype of a game I've had fairly well developed for a while, but it needed some retheming. Suffice to say, I had to update the art assets, and a few text elements, but now it's all crafted and put together. My earlier version of the prototype is currently off with my game designer friend Jon, and used older assets that aren't worth further using.

I think, as a novice game designer myself, there's some value in continuously developing projects, both old and new, to maintain the attention/interest of your contacts in the industry. So it's nice to have a new refurbished version of this game, and I have another one that's in a fairly usable state. Anyhow, that's that for today. Tomorrow I'll be out of town, and Sunday I'll hopefully be doing some work on my Sustainable Development Game. Till then I suppose.

10. 2017-July-23

08. 2017-June-15