01. A Daily Timeline

2017-May-8: On Dr. Duff's prompting, I emailed my committee giving them two weeks to prepare material to give me to study for my comprehensive exams, with a target date of late July or early August.

2017-May-21: Two weeks ago I set tomorrow as the deadline for my committee members to give me my materials to study for comps. As of this moment, I have received none. I will send them all a reminder tomorrow.

2017-May-24: A committee member responds with an unfamiliarity of how comps work in the Biology department.

2017-May-26: Randy sends me his first batch of materials: Read at least the titles and abstracts of relevant research journals from the past three years, as well as skim every issue of Science and Nature until the exam. With more to come.

2017-May-30: Gavin sends me his materials, an assortment of book chapters, papers, and reviews, as well as feedback on the project as it develops. I'll be meeting with him next week to discuss things further.

2017-June-1: Process through Evolution: Education and Outreach from 2014 and 2015. Print out a fistul of papers.

2017-June-2: Randy sends me an updated reading list, and Hazel sends me hers. Finish diving through the rest of Evo Ed Out up to the present.

2017-June-5: Gary sends me his reading materials, as well as the exact prompt to expect. Begin pouring through Science Education from the past few years, partly because many of Gary's papers are from it, and to meet the needs of Randy's reading. Evolution proves to be a monstrous journal to address, but has plenty of interesting things to read.


02. 2017-June-8

Assigned Reading 5- Mitchell