Assigned Reading 3- Barton

Hazel, as always, is one of my favorite people right now. I'll likely never know how much crosstalk there was in the planning of my comps materials, but she just loaded me up with texts on gamification in learning. I'm particularly fond of the book The Gamification of Learning and Instruction. pretty much the majority of the texts below are more about game design and gamification than any particular research methodology or topic. And it's great! I've already got an abundance of basic reading for the content side of things from several other committee members, and this allows me to hone in on the nitty gritty pieces of games in research. I've got my own resources elsewhere for general game design, but for the specific applications here, it's just such a perfect set of things for me to read up on.


Here is my reading list.  There are 2 books – but think you should be able to get them through the library:

Deterding, Sebastian, et al. "From game design elements to gamefulness: defining gamification." Proceedings of the 15th international academic MindTrek conference: Envisioning future media environments. ACM, 2011.

Eisenack, Klaus. "A climate change board game for interdisciplinary communication and education." Simulation & Gaming 44.2-3 (2013): 328-348.

Magee, Liam, Anthony Richardson, and Nicole Pepperell. "The lucky country vs. a fierce planet: Gamification and simulation as tools for teaching complex social theories of sustainability." Refereed Proceedings of TASA 2016 Conference. 2016.

Bogost, Ian. "Gamification is bullshit." The gameful world: Approaches, issues, applications (2011): 65-80.

Moazzam, Waqas, et al. "Scientific Hangman: Gamifying Scientific Evidence for General Public." GamifIR@ ECIR. 2015.

Kapp, Karl M. The gamification of learning and instruction: game-based methods and strategies for training and education. John Wiley & Sons, 2012.

The Gameful World: Approaches, Issues, Applications.  Walz and Deterding.  MIT Press 2015.

Assigned Reading 4- Holliday

Assigned Reading 2- Svenson