03.5 Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach, 2nd Edition

I recently learned of the second edition of this book, published much more recently (2015). It's biggest features, at a glance, are updated images (and lots more) with far more parsable content (the older edition had much poorer contrast in their black and white images), and correspondingly updated content. 

Most importantly, it's been released since the widespread adaptation of computers for all forms of design, and as such doesn't talk about using computers as the next big thing, but rather as what we all use. Honestly, the only thing that puts me off about it is that the current edition is MUCH more expensive, particularly in hardcover.

That being said, it also has updated a number of its important takeaways, including recommendations on label word counts, to go with the changing attention spans of the museum going public.

05. Abstract (Games)

03. Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach, 1996, Beverly Serrell