14. Natural Semantics, or, a slightly different title

My advisor recently decided to make the latest article on his blog TheNaturalHistorian show one of my comprehensive exam answers, specifically my response to a video from Answers in Genesis (AiG) that both conflates Natural Selection and Evolution, and also goes off on a standard literal biblical reading tangent halfway through. When I showed this video to my mother, it was about at the one and a half minute mark that things seemed to go awry. 

Joel's article both serves to demonstrate what comps look like for the uninitiated (and I think he probably does a better job all around at conveying that than my paltry journal entries), as well as show how someone under a time pressure and limited resources (read: me) does at rapidly assessing and criticizing the video.

So, without further ado: Natural Selection Semantics: A Student Reacts to a Young-Earth Definition of Evolution

15. ComSciCon-Chicago 2017

13. Through the Desert

13. Through the Desert