Freelance Services

I provide professional writing and editing services to give your applications, cover letters, resumes, and papers an extra polish and style. See below for the details of the nature of the work I do, as well as referrals from satisfied customers. Feel free to visit The Deep or My World to see some examples of my natural history and personal writing.

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Games in Learning Design

I provide consulting and design services in the design and development of hobby games (tabletop board and card games). My research focuses on the approaches to using games and gameful experiences to present scientific concepts, and the underlying psychology and science communication practices for delivering products which can be both fun and educational. A major focus is taking existing design knowledge and experience to better develop such games to not only contain their targeted learning outcomes, but to be fun to play as well.

  • Developing gameful experiences (nongame activities with game-like elements) for curricula development projects
  • Transposing gameful experiences for learning into full-fledged commercial educational games
  • Traditional (non-educational) Game Design and Development

Current projects explore natural selection, forest biodiversity, sustainable development of the Lake Erie watershed, and more.




For general and scientific writing, from one page abstracts and letters to lengthy grant proposals, I focus on three things:

  1. Clarity- Making your text easy to read for both scientists and lay audiences

  2. Brevity- Keeping things concise and simple keeps page counts low and reader attention up

  3. Fidelity- Retain your own sense of contribution, intent, and purpose in your work

    Letter Writing

    A well written cover letter, letter of intent, or introductory letter can make a huge difference on applications for work, student office, or stipends/grants. Letters to politicians, businesses, or other formal contacts can be taken far more seriously when tone and clarity are improved. Concisely stating your goals and interests can be challenging, and this is where my services shine. 

    • Short communications, under two pages
    • Personal touches, but professional flair.
    • Fixed, affordable pricing per hour or page of work
      Typewritten letters are available

      Typewritten letters are available

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      Science Communication

      As a Ph.D. Candidate with a strong background in Zoology, Biochemistry, Evolution, and research focusing on informal science education and SciComm, I gladly give talks on biological topics for audiences of all ages. Feel free to visit The Deep to see the sort of materials I am most interested in, or explore My World to see writings about my research; I'm more than willing to discuss various other topics, contact me to learn more.

      Topics Include

      • Evolutionary Narratives: Wasps' Bioweapons to Sunlit Slugs
      • The Breadth and Depth of Geological Time
      • Animal Diversity: Beyond the Backbone
      • What does it mean when we say two living things are closely related?